Muay Thai Training in New York and Going Barefoot


When entering Evolution Muay Thai in New York for training, we ask that you take off your shoes and socks as we are a barefoot gym. Some people are skeptical to slip off their foot gear and we get that. It is kind of weird if you are used to wearing shoes everywhere. In fact, not wearing shoes in a lot of public places will get you strange looks and might even get you kicked out of some places.

If you think taking your shoes off and wandering around our gym is weird, you obviously don’t know the benefits of running around in bare feet. Here is what you are missing when you never let your feet be free.

Going Barefoot Improves Your Posture

There are studies that show wearing shoes has a negative effect on our feet. Our foot muscles are weaker because shoes and soft surfaces don’t allow our feet to be flexible and strong. And when our feet become weak from wearing shoes, it has a negative effect on our posture. This happens because we rely on other muscles to do the jobs our feet are responsible for.

Going Barefoot Helps Us Avoid Injury

Many of us wear supportive, cushioned shoes with a positive heel. A positive heel means that the heal of your shoes in higher up than the toe. The dressier the shoe, the higher the heel. And shoes are greatly padded as well. These shoes limit our natural movement by encouraging us to land on our heels when walking. Our shoes absorb the impact and alter our natural step. Over time, we lose movement in key muscles that are no longer used because of this change in walking pattern. This leads to injuries.

Better Balance

By feeling the ground, you will wake up your balance system and stimulate the neural connections that will remap your mind and lead to greater balance. This is critical for elderly people who are one fall away from a broken hip and gradual decline in health.

Fewer Foot Conditions

Start walking around in bare feet and plantar fasciitis diminishes, bunions begin to dissipate and foot neuromas go away.  Your arthritic foot even begins to feel better.

Better Circulation

Going barefoot wakes up the dormant muscles in your feet and legs and gets the blood flowing. This increased blood flow means warmer feet in the winter, less varicose veins and fewer aches and pains.

Decreased Blood Pressure

Studies show that by stimulating the nerve endings on the bottom of the feet, we can actually lower our blood pressure and decrease inflammation throughout the body.

Inflammation is the number one cause of disease in the 21st century. It is responsible for everything from allergies and arthritis to diabetes and lupus. One possible solution to reducing inflammation and reducing the risk of these diseases is by walking around in your bare feet.

So when you do come to Evolution Muay Thai for mixed martial arts training, don’t give us a funny look when we ask you to remove your shoes and socks. Give us a call today.

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