Your MMA Training Gym in New York and Staying Healthy this Winter

It can be quite challenging to stay healthy in the winter, the scales are just not tipped in your favor. The days are short, the temperatures are cold and you are stuck indoors breathing dry, uncirculated air. Long gone are the long days and warm weather of summer.

Well, summer will be here before you know it. But in the meantime, grab a mug of tea and cozy up in front of the fireplace.

Evolution Muay Thai, your MMA training gym in New York, offers tips to stay healthy this winter.

Get Outside

It might be snowing outside and it is definitely cold, but you should still make the effort to spend some time outdoors. Even if it is for a short period of time, it will do your body good. Breathing fresh air and soaking up a few rays will help keep you healthy this winter.

Avoid Risk Factors

That guy in sales who is having a sneezing fit, it is best if you just avoid him completely, at least until he is over his illness.

It is a bit obvious, but do your best to stay away from people who are sick. The quickest way to a cold is breathing in the droplets expelled from sick people. Anybody showing signs of a cold or other illness should be avoided as best as possible.

Sleep More

As if you needed a good reason to sleep a little longer. There have been numerous studies that report the benefits of a good night’s sleep. While getting plenty of sleep won’t prevent you from getting a cold, a lack of sleep will weaken your immune system and leave you vulnerable to catching a cold or the flu.

Get a Shot

The best way to avoid the flu in the middle of flu season is by getting a flu shot. It might be a bit of an inconvenience, but it will help protect you from the flu.

Wash Your Hands

One of the most well-known and easy ways to stay healthy in the winter is to wash your hands as often as possible. Wash your hands several times a day with hot water and soap and your chances of remaining healthy for the duration of winter rise dramatically.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, germs get on your hands from a variety of sources. All you have to do to catch these germs is touch a cell phone, door handle or countertop and you could come down with a cold or worse.

Eat Healthy Foods

There is just something about winter that drives you to eat your favorite comfort foods. While scarfing down mac and cheese feels right, you aren’t getting the necessary nutrients you need to stay healthy. Mix in some vegetables and fruit.

Stay Active

One of the best ways to stay healthy this winter is by staying active and getting plenty of exercise. This means you should probably hit the MMA gym more often than usual. So get up off that couch and head to the gym.

In fact, perhaps you should head over to Evolution Muay Thai right now.


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