Your MMA Gym in New York and Mental Toughness

Determination. Grit. Fortitude. Willpower. These are a few traits you need to have in the face of a challenge. Are you able to pick yourself up and move forward even when you feel as though you were just smashed into a brick wall?

Mental toughness is a term used in psychology to describe people who are resilient and strong through a struggle. This mental toughness is what gives athletes all over the world the ability to push through past opposition, past exhaustion and past injury.

Mental toughness is what gives athletes the strength to power through another set of reps or push through for another mile. So what can you do to cultivate a mentally tough attitude? Evolution Muay Thai, your MMA gym in New York, offers the components of mental toughness.


Athletes who are honest are better able to reflect on their previous performance in an open and genuine manner. They are able to take critical feedback which will identify the areas of their game that need improving.


Athletes who rebound from mistakes, missed opportunities and disappointments get right back at it and work even harder. Even in a loss, they remain optimistic and endure the hardship of the situation.

They resolve to make things better in the face of adversity.


Game-ready athletes are able to remain engaged, connected and alive when they are under pressure. They are always identifying opportunities, challenges and threats within their environment. They understand that they must think differently about their environment when it changes.

Emotional Control

Athletes with emotional control can regulate their emotions so they are in a mindset for performance. In difficult situations, you must remain calm and in control. You must also have the ability to become pumped up and aggressive when it is needed.


Athletes must have the ability to absorb the unexpected and remain supple. They will learn to maintain their sense of humor even in difficult situations.

If you find yourself in a tough situation, you must remain flexible and look for ways to solve the problem. A quarterback in the midst of a broken play doesn’t just fall down, great athletes find a way to get that football down the field.


Mentally tough athletes exhibit sportsmanship. They will never let an opponent know when they are feeling down and they will tell others to keep their chin up at all times. Top athletes also support their teammates in any way they can.

Inner Drive

People who have an inner drive are highly motivated, are capable of working independently and have a strong work ethic.

Critical Moment Control

You must remain clear-minded even under the most extreme pressure. It is key that you are able to make good decisions while under stress.


Athletes with mental toughness can be aggressive and confrontational when they have to be. They are always ready to battle with the opposition.

Not just a Thai boxing gym, Evolution offers a comprehensive Mixed Martial Arts training program including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo Wrestling and of course, Muay Thai. Contact us to learn more.

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