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Angela “OverKill” Hill will be on this upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter battling it out for the 115lbs strawweight title. Please tune in starting Wednesday, September 10th @ 10pm (est). Check out the UFC article below and get a deeper insight on Angie’s journey from Muay Thai to MMA. http://m.ufc.com/news/Meet-the-Strawweights-Angela-Hill


Guess who’s fighting tomorrow? HighLander!! That’s who. Adam Blair Pryde (7-4) will be fighting Martin Gonzalez (4-2) from Krudar (Canada). Adam has got a few tricks up his sleeve and it’s called WAR. This warrior ain’t messing around. He’s a lean, mean, fighting machine, and ready to f*ck sh!t up!!


Angela “OverKill” Hill is gearing up for another epic battle on Friday Night Fights against Ashley Nichols from MAS Academy of Martial Arts in Cambridge, Ontario. These two ladies will be head lining this event and are schedule to fight 3 minute x 5 rounds for the WKA 110 lbs title belt. Interested in what these fighters have to say, check out the interview. http://fridaynightfights.com/content/female-champions-ready-for-war/


Adel “HairyLegs” Hussain and “WreckEm” Ralph Aries will be fighting on Friday Night Fights @ Broad Street Ballroom. These guys have been training hard and are dead serious about taking home the WIN tonight. Both are eager to display their speed, power, and technique. Last but not least, they just want to step into the ring and have fun!! Please show support by cheering your teammates on and yelling “Ooh-Way” every time they land a shot. No booing please, we are NOT that kind of club. So be respectful.


Angela “Overkill” Hill is making her professional debut at Lion Fight 11 in Las Vegas this Friday, September 20, in Las Vegas. Angela (14-0) will be facing off with Monique Travis (14-0). The fights will be televised live on AXS TV, so if you want to watch “OverKill” on national TV, contact your cable TV provider and order it!! FYI, Time Warner do not have AXS TV, so you might have to stream it from the web


Battle on the Boards is happening, full throttle, this Saturday, 14th @ 3pm!! Alex Tuttle, Alfonso Espinal, and Ronnie Hudson will be on the card. This will be their first smoker. Please show your teammates your support by cheering them on!! Besides what an excellent excuse to spend your day at Rockaway Beach!! There will be a Wai Kru ceremony performed by Coban and Chris at 3:15 and then we will have a few exhibition fights and pad work demos at 3:30. Exhibition will be with Justin T./ Vince T., Wendy L./AIleen A. and WIlly/Sean- both from CROM and the Smoker “fights” will start at 4:30 and run through 7. There’s an after party from 7-10.

Train Directions:
Take the Far Rockaway bound A train to Broad Channel and switch to the Shuttle train (same platform). Take the shuttle two stops to Beach 98th and walk towards the ocean.


Sean Fagan (USA) vs. Chris Williams (CANADA) will be fighting tonight for the WKA Jr. Middleweight (145lbs) US Title. Come watch Sean morph into “BEAST MODE” for 5×2 minute rounds!! See you at the fights!!


Guess who’s the main event on this year’s Rumble on the River??? Adam Blair-Pryde!! That’s who!! Adam Blair-Pryde will be going toe-to-toe against Jon Nace from Black & Blue MMA. So get you’re @ss over to Pier 84 (44th St. & 11th Ave) by 7pm and cheer your boy on. Did I mention it’s FREE???


LION FIGHT UPDATE: Miranda Cayabyab will now face Angela Hill on the LF10 amateur card. Genesis Bravo is out due to personal priorities. This fight is agreed at 115 lbs. Come and see the BEST OF THE BEST in the U.S. of the females in their weight division, live on July 26, 2013 at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas.

“CHOK DEE” to Adel Hussain aka “Hairy Legs” who will be fighting @ 115lbs tonight at Lions Roar Muay Thai Challenge War 17 @ Pop’s Gym. So come down and check out the “Rumble in the Bronx!!!”




Ralph Arias (0-0) will be fighting at 195 lbs on Lions Roar Muay Thai Challenge War14 this Saturday, March 2nd. This will be his first fight, so please show some support by cheering him on. Tickets available at Evolution Muay Thai!!

Angela Hill (12-0) will be fighting Ariana Gomez (5-0) from Muay Thai Academy of America, CA on Friday, February 22, 2013 for Take On Muay Thai XIX @ Resort World Casino, NYC.

Adam Blair-Pryde (4-3) will for fighting this Saturday, December 15th for FIGHT for ROCKAWAY hosted by Friday Night Fights @ Broad Street Ballroom doors open at 7pm. This is a special event to benefit the Crom Martial Training and Romulo family. Tickets are available at Evolution Muay Thai. Come down and show your support!!

Adam Blair Pryde and Adel Adil Hussan will be fighting on Rumble on the River @ Hudson River Park located on Pier 84 on 44th Street this Thursday (8/2) @ 7pm. This event is FREE so there is no excuse not to show up and support your boys!!

Angela Hill (11-0) will be back in the ring on July 20th for Friday Night Fights @ Broad Street Ballroom fighting Jill Guido from Combat Fitness, CA. Jill will be a tough opponent and this fight will be a significant stepping-stone in Angela’s fight career. Please show support by coming out and cheering her on!! Tickets available at Evolution Muay Thai.

After narrowly missing out on the 142 lb title at the WKA’s this year David Attali (1-1) is back in action! On Saturday, June 23, David takes on Omari Eastman from Camp Unde- feated at 142 lbs. David has been training more than 20 hours per week @ Evolution Muay Thai to prepare for this fight. David is an exciting fighter to watch. Tickets are available at the Evolution Muay Thai membership desk.
Saturday, June 23rd @ Muay Thai Challenge War 11 located at World Wide Boxing Gym 3134 Jerome Ave 2nd fl. Bronx, NY. Door opens @ 6pm first bout around 7:30pm.

Angela Hill will be taking on Shelia Adamos on Friday Night Fights June 22nd @ The Hall at St. Pauls (on 9th Ave between 59th and 60th Street). Angela is currently 10-0 looking to add another win under her belt. If you haven’t seen her in action already, you won’t want to miss out on this up coming fight!! Tickets are available at Evolution Muay Thai.

WKA National Titles -Richmond, VA. March 31st-April 1st

World Kickboxing Association

Evolution Team – Fighters Competing In This Event:

Angela Hill – Muay Thai
Adam Blair-Pryde – Muay Thai
Adel Hussain – Muay Thai
Alex Ma – Muay Thai
Aaron Hauck – Muay Thai
Cary Kung – Muay Thai
Warren Lau – Muay Thai
Garnett Strother – Muay Thai
David Attali – Muay Thai
Anton Turaev – K1
Chad Hernandez – MMA
James Fenton – BJJ

For More Information visit:  WKA North American 2012


Friday Night Fights

The Fall Brawl November 4th

Evolution Muay Thai NYC

Next one is June 10th, when Angela Hill represents the East Coast against Miranda Cayabyab from the West Coast. With all the trash-talking that has been happening lately about West vs East and Full-Thai rules vs Modified-Thai rules, I hope everyone in the New York Muay Thai community comes out for this one. Let’s support our local girls!